Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser Review

Company Claims

Detoxify and resurface your skin at the cellular level for the beautifully regenerated look of a mini-professional treatment. 

• Regenerates skin’s surface at cellular level 
• Deep cleanses, exfoliates to detoxify, and conditions

I have been using the Extra Gentle Cleanser from Neutrogena for more than 2 years and wanted to try something different. I had read a few good reviews of this cleanser so went ahead and got it. I used this product for about 2 weeks and ready for a review. 



Product comes in a squeezable plastic tube with a flip top. I love the packaging as I can control the amount of product and also the black colored tube. Definitely customer friendly! 


The cleanser is white in color with minute exfoliating beads. I expected this to be a gentle cleanser but turned out to be a gentle scrub. Its minute red exfoliating beads gives a gentle scrub without any lather. 

I wet my face and apply small dots of this cleanser on five points of my face(Cheeks+Chin+ Forehead+Nose) and then two points on my neck. Then cleanse by circular motions and wash with water. 

I have dry skin and love the fact that it does not lather as lathering dries my skin but scrubbing my face twice a day is a big No No! I use this only once in a day as its a Scrub Cleanser and makes my skin feels so soft. A daily Salicylic acid scrub is good for skin and this is the best Gentle scrub I have found, but cleanser? I usually use my make up remover wipes to remove my make up and do not depend on my cleanser to remove the entire make up. After removing my make up, I use this Olay cleanser to cleanse-scrub my face. It makes my skin feel fresh and soft. 

Final Verdict:

I have found a excellent Salicylic gentle scrub for my dry and sensitive but will not use it as a cleanser. 


349rs for 100g (I bought it from HealthandGlow Store)

Will I recommend: Yes as a Gentle Scrub

Will I repurchase: Yes! Love it as a Gentle Scrub with Salicylic Acid