Saturday, 1 September 2012

Basicare French Nail Kit Review

Hello Ladies! This is my review on the Basicare French Nail Kit. Below picture shows the packaging of the product.

It comes with 30 nails, glue and a nail shaper


I have used other basicare products and had good experience about the brand. The nail look very artificial and does not fit my actual nails and are bit big. As it is big for my nails it does look unnatural. 
The nails are very sturdy and looks sleek and shiny, you don't have to add a gloss on top. The nail shaper is not much worth as the paper on top tears off after buffing 5 nails. The glue is not good quality, need to buy a decent glue for the artificial nails to last on your nails. Price is a bit costly, 214rs. 

How to:

1. Place the artificial nail on your nail and check if it suits the length you require. 

2. I felt it was a bit long for me so had to buff with the nail shaper to reduce the size.

3. After buffing I got the size I wanted

4. Cut the top of the glue and place a drop or two on the nail(dont forget to buff the nail surface for the artificial nail to stick well). 

5. Press the nail really well with two fingers to give the shape to the nail as well. Do the same to all the nails. 

My rating:3/5

Hope you all found the review useful! 

I purchased it from

Disclaimer: I purchased the nails with my own money and I'm sharing my experience with the product. 

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  1. if the edges were blunted a little more, it would look prettier...the edges look too sharp now...