Sunday, 12 February 2012

Review: Milani Paint Eye shadow palette

Milani Cosmetics claims this to be their neon matte section of colors. Really?? I was one among the crowd who were so excited about the palette. 

The pigmentation is not as expected and does not stand to the name "paint". Its just an average eyeshadow palette. 

Packaging and design is really good. 

I used NYX eyeshadow base before the swatch. 
Pigmentation of each color
Green -Two Swipes
Blue- Four Swipes
Purple- Five Swipes
Yellow- Two Swipes
Orange- One Swipe
Pink- One Swipe
White- Two Swipes

The four colors on the top except the pink are the most chalky shadows in the palette

Final Verdict:

Hope the shadows really had that neon pigmentation to it. I would give it 2.5 on 5. 

Purchased from, priced at 7.99 dollars. 


  1. Seems like the pigmentation is really good...Thanks for sharing love!

  2. Hi Jaya,
    Thanks for noting my request and reviewing this.Even I thought the same about this palette.I got for $9.99 in stores and I never used it as its so hard to get the right pigmentation on the eyelids with a brush.

    Deepika <3